Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's been 2 weeks since that interview but it feels like forever. I never wanting something personal so bad until this.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Good Morning !

Quick internet walking before work. Re-reading my blog and cant stop noticing how cheesy and shallow i am back there. I miss writing! Will get back on the track ( hopefully ) asap :)

Wondering if someone out there missing my blog :P

Well, have a blast Wednesday. Still have my finger crossed really tight for the good news ( from hopefully my new office ).


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here & Now

its been a quite long time since my last long post. i've made promises that i will write as often as possible but i dont know i just couldnt. i guess the reason is not because i dont have time or anything to write. the reason is me. the me that's writing right now is not the same person with the "me" who wrote before. i've been here for almost 5 years, but here and now life has changed me and so much of who i am. looking back on old posts i realized that i will write that way again. i dont want to write like complainer anymore. because my life is simpler now. walking hand in hand with my daily life, i've found what i want to do to enjoy and be happy about my life. 

talking about what i do, i;ve done a lot if things. i've tried to do this and that from time to time. and now im excited to share some news about the latest goings on with my work. actually this is something that i've been doing since i was a little girl. if you ask my mom about my childhood days, her answer will pretty much sounds like this, "she's a star". i guess that star persona wannabe still glued with me until today and i would love to have you with me to see some of my sparks. 

i want to introduce my self as (drum role) a member of dance group and a singer. surprised? me too. i dont know whats happening with when i decided to do this but so far im happy and almost 1000 viewers and stranger that asked me to collaborating with him, i must say that im proud.  

here's one of my singing video. for more videos of me singing and dancing, please drop by at my youtube channel :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

i like summer

i just had the best two weeks in my life.

i was quite surprised of how happy i am these past two weeks. two weeks of sunny day and warm weather, two weeks of summer. the sun is warm and the birds are singing in my head. the sight is fun, the sound is fun and the smell is also fun. i used to hate summer but not this one. this is my summer, my season to take time and appreciate my good fortune to live on my beautiful life and just enjoy the rest. late nights are here again, afternoon run and Popsicles in between. summer has brought me to be me again. i got my spirit back, i got my confidence back, my youth, my sparkle life is here again. thanks summer, for being so friendly with me. that was the best 2 weeks i've ever had and today it's raining again.

i had a good time playing with my camera and sunlight. here are the best ones :

see you again summer,

Thursday, January 19, 2012


due to the issue of SOPA and PIPA, im closing down my blog for a while. help the world by signing this petition . i hope for no more blackouts and shutting down :(

Monday, December 5, 2011

i like it like it

i have a very fragile heart. like i told you before on my desperate and sound so drunk post before, i was thizzzz close of going insane because of that stab to my heart bouncer and baby sling. im trying so hard to stop thinking about those two, but i cant, today, i finally bought that two!!!!!! woot woot woot!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a song to our parents

i just downloaded a complete albums of disney's children songs for my daughter and i found this beautiful song that reminds me of my parents,

I picked the reddest apple from the tree
It was the finest one that I could see
I saved it all except a bite or two, just for you
I carried home the groceries from the store
I wanted to be helpful with a chore
I put them all away except a few, just for you

Someday I’ll be grown up too.
And if I can I’ll grow up just like you.

I ate up all my lunch just like you said
But I think there was a little too much bread
And so I left the crust when I was through, just for you.

Someday I’ll be grown up too.
If I can I’ll grow up just like you.

Just one more thing before I go to bed
And everything I have to say is said
There’s something special that I’d like to do

Here’s a kiss, just for you.

while listening to this special song, i thought it only fitting to devote some blog space to talking about my parents. i know, it cliche to answer this question, "who is your personal hero(s)?", but sometimes it just undeniable true. if everyone else who answer that question in a similar fashion is fortunate enough to have as phenomenal parents as i do, then they are truly blessed, because i know i am. not only set a prefect example of how to be a good parents ( thought for their sake, i wish they wouldn't worry too much ), but they were a role model for how to be an exceptional human being.

they did teach me how to share, make me finish everything i started, and tell me to be nice. they consistently show me thru their actions how to speak up and how to stand strong when defending my self. i was also incredibly lucky to be told throughout my childhood that i could grow up to be whatever i wanted to be. and i am thankful for that for what i've become today.

so this song is for you, my amazing parents. i love you too much. i hope you're safe and sound and happy in where ever side of the world you are.

ps: i do wish someday my daughter will sing me this song and say exact the same thing as i said today.