Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Wish..

i wish i were a tree..

and his guard..

The Way I Introduce My Self..Since I Met You

She desperately wants to go somewhere and leave all the things behind because she's sick of everything.
She doesn’t need stuff anymore because she knows someday she might throw it all.
She feels night grow longer so she never stays up late because she loves morning and she does wanna see the sunrise.
She always asks questions because she only wants to know how far they can answer it.
She convinced it was not about winning or losing.
She knows she's dying and she may be dead in any minute but she doesn’t even give a shit about that.
She found him through her dream and she loves his presence because he is the only reason she feels alive.
She often extremely sad suddenly.
She always walks fast when she is alone.
She unconsciously always imagines getting a travel accident.
She just doesn't know which ones are real or not because she's imagining way too much.
She can’t deny that she has paranoid and histrionic personality disorder, she just didn’t realize it.
She felt better in many ways.

My Final Destination..

take a chance, then that the risk..

Letter From Last Monday

dear love,
we've been together all the time and i'm happy with you
all the time we had,we laugh and we cry together
we make our own story
you make me the most luckiest thing in the world
your eyes..keep staring at me
wherever you go, you keep me right right beside you
you make me comfortable even in uncomfortable times

i just realize, i thought there is something weird, if i'm not mistaken
why you turn your eyes from me ?
maybe it's just my feeling, but i don't feel so good
but i'm still smilling at you..and i hope you do

love,tell me ):

..and after all that is,
it was painful, but deep inside i kept those memories with you
and still waiting for you as you do for me
i'm still waiting.. no matter what happen

come on, love, take me with you

you know who you can talk to. you know who you can trust
you know that i'm still with you..

I Hate When You're Away..And I'm Sorry..

Being together all time isn't always happy as you think
But I hate mostly when you're away..
Sometimes you'll get bored with it
And you need someone to be worried, to be watched
In the mean time, you probably don't "look" at the person near..
Sometime you just don't realize that space you need is space you have

oh everything did look good at the first time, and it doesn't mean anything again after all

day by day still counting until now
and i have to be patient to face it all up
i keep memories to the learn book time
and we're gonna get through this..
aren't we ?

last ten days of 2008..

The Object Of My Affection..

23 november 2008
all this time, i've always pretending that i'm unconcerned about you.
but in motionless, i watch every single step of what you were doing.
lot of the conversation that we had, didn't went so good.
sometimes we were fighting for almost all the small things.
sometimes it ended with crying.
i don't care where i'm gonna stay, whether it's in the hut or on the roadside..
as long as i'm with you, i'm happy for it.
cuz i know you'll give me the best since that day..
then everytime you cry, ah i can't stand for it.
i wanna hold you and say "Don't worry, it'll be okay"
but again and again i push myself not to do it.
and i'm too ashame to say that.
probably you still remember when i was an another girl..
i have all the glamour things in my room and my house.
yeah.. i was arrogant.
then one day you never said one simple thing but it has changed my life forever
i felt the sorrow, the sadness of your voice.
ah i always remember of your glumly voice.
and one thing for sure, you must know that for now and forever i'll keep my head down.
so, okay was my answer..
after all, i'm proud to say you were mine.
and will always be.


shall we go out ?
he picks me up and we ride a bike.uhm..he rides.
actually we don't know where we will going yet. So when a friend said about tracking the wild grass, i think our destination go there..
the skies are too clear, but sure i can smell some fresh grass.
oh i feel so mellow..
oh we got companies (:
it's J and F..
and this is the main story..
it's november 8, 2008..
he is a house built by love
see that little house under the tree? it doesn't mean anything from the outside
but it resting place to me..
mm.. i mean a grave
woo hoo calm down (:
ok, ever i told you that i'm a lil bit um..should i say afraid of fallen ?
yeah afraid of some love-thing
i wonder why his face is something ?
yes, the thing should i say love
i think our journey ends here lets have a new one someday..
let's go back to house..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Catch

well i used to know someone fair
she had red ribbons in her hair
and he was such a trip
he was hardly there
and i just love and loved
just the same

there was rain in our window
the radio set ragged
but he could talk
and we learn to speak

and days has gone by
such a long long road to seek
all we did was break and freak it