Sunday, December 26, 2010

good morning

good morning. monday already. it weirds, because this whole weekend i really want monday to comes fast, but now when its already monday, i feel disappointed. breaking a promise to me, with you as the reason, is really breaking my heart. it means you never mean it. so promises are way better left unsaid than this way. well good morning again anyway. i hope your morning is better than mine :)

tick tock

the only reason im writing here at this very hour is because i cant sleep.

i hate sleeping alone on sunday night. everything is like running in slow motion. god i hate this. i cant sleep and there is nothing than i can do, i dont feel like im in the mood to write because this whole weekend, i spent my day and night at bed. tir was out of town to finish all his works before we go to Bali next Wednesday and so here i am, alone, hungry and can not sleep.

i cant believe its 5 days to 2011 and i still dont have any resolutions here with me.

well, i guess i have to cut this post out because i've stared at my laptop screen for almost half an hour and i still couldnt find what i wanted to write :(

i want to sleep and i miss tir.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

the last few days in 2010

xmas today and im loving it. im not celebrating but i think xmas is one of my favorite holiday in the whole year because i love xmas movies. but yeah well, merry xmas to all of you who celebrating it, i hope you all have a blessed xmas this year and happy holiday for every one :D

6 days to 2011. i cant believe 2010 almost over. time flies so very fast you know. it seems only yesterday i was celebrating my 20th bday and now its three months to my 21st. wooaaaa! i dont know whether i should feel excited or sad about the last few days in 2010. for me every thing that had happened throughout this year is amazing. i could never tell you how many lesson i have learned and i also made many mistakes this year. but so far, 2010 is way better than 2009 and was a very fun year to lived.

i have a great life this year!

2010 Favorites
- my birthday
- B for my dkv class
- traveled to places i've ever seen before
- had my own place to live
- 2nd anniversary with tir
- lebaran with mom
- new year's eve at Bali

2010 Not So Much
- got sick and almost die
- lebaran without my sister
- 6 years without dad
- adulthood hardcore life
- haters
- my latest dkv assignment
- some one in my class

talking about 2010 favorites, my last point is new year's eve at Bali. yeay thats right. next wednesday, me and tir will travel along the island and across the sea straight to Bali. so ver excited because this is the first time of our togetherness life we will sail to another island with a different time! yessss! so happy, i cant wait to start packing my bag and shopping for our trip. it must the most fun way to end this year hehe i hope so.

so thats enough for now, i will be back writing my 2011 resolutions :D happy hohoholiday.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


did i ever tell you how much i really like bon iver?

i think, bon iver is the best in its genre and is the best because it just perfectly fit in my ears every time i hear it. well, esp now. when i feel like i need to rest my head a little bit, i feel sick. not sick really sick, but i think im about to get sick. i hate being sick when it was so close to holiday, esp when i know that i dont have any one around here to look after me :( these past 2 weeks was really tiring me. mom had just visited the town which means i had to accompany her to here and there almost every day. i love to be near my mom, of course i am. but i think, my body condition doesnt. plus, these past 2 weeks me and tir always going out somewhere almost every night. it seems that im too tired. and the weather is totally sucks! its confusing and depressing because sometimes its windy and its rainy and then the sun like 10 meters away from my head and sometimes, god, please just save us. too bad to lived in.

so here i am now, alone in my room because tir are staying at his friend's to sleepover. honestly, i really need him to be here now. you know, when you're sick and you need a little help and care its good to know that you have some one around you. but... lets just being understanding here.

im going back to my bon iver now, and hope to fall asleep really quick. i think sleep is only medicine. i have to be fit and healthy for my Bali trip 10 days from now.

have a great night :D

PS: i wish i could tell my stupid neighbor about the volume of their voices when the speak. god, why sumatrans talk that loud?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

from facebook.

i found it on facebook :

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. i'm 20 and in serious relationship with someone.

2. i'm a downloader. almost everything on my computer i got it via internet.

3. i'm a morning person, but love to go back to sleep after i've had my morning rituals.

4. i love books. it came from my grandfather and my mom. we're books lovers. i cant remember how many book i have now.

5. and my favorite so far is Harry Potter, from first to seventh.

6. i love cats, but afraid of cat's virus that causes sterility. family is what i always dreamed of.

7. i love math back in highschool, because social's class math is so easy and fun \:D/ im the best in the class.

8. i'm obsessed with watches. idk why.

9. some people might think that tv is a stupid box, but i love watching TV.

10. im a blackberry user for almost 1,5 years, but my bbm contact was only 89 people. i dont like chatting, i will call them if i need them

11. i love beach and pool, but im not a watersport person.

12. i have bronchitis and asthma and bad metabolism. i get sick so easily.

13. i love taking care of people i loved. i think i will be a great mother.

14. i love movies. i have a lot like really lot dvds.

15. my bed room is my heaven.

16. my dad died 6 years ago.

17. i cant drive, but i will learn x)

18. i arrange everything. i always sticking with my plan. i get angry when some one cracking my plan without any care. those people should really go to hell.

19. my types for a guy are smart, loving, caring, and religious. i need the perfect imam for my perfect future :D

20. my mom is the greatest woman on earth. she supports me in every thing i do. her trust for me is absolute. she loves and trust my boy. never say no, almost never say no to every plan i made. she thinks im big enough to deciding what i want. i love her so very much.

21. i was born and raised in Moslem family.

22. i hate enemy, but i think i have some.

23. i hate when people talking too loud around me.

24. i'm a clean person.

25. i think writing this 25 facts is silly thing to do, but whatever. i love writing. yeah thats the last fact of me, i love writing.


oh crap i have nothing to do to night. my media player classic wont work so i cant watch my Heima movie :( i miss Tir so much :( so i took a lot of photos, just to kill my loneliness night. haha super silly but i dont care.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

nahh i think thats enough! i will post another more on facebook but ever since i lost all my adobe application, i lost my flash player too, so i have to download it again before i upload the photos :0

by the way, me and tir have got our ticket to Bali for this new year eve!!! so happy! cant wait up 20 days ahead. my mom is in town. makes me happier hehe.

enough writing to night. text me or ping me if you want something from Bali <3

positive thinking

knowing someone hate or doesn't like me, always make me feel better. because i'm not going to continue telling my self that i suck, because i don't. i have made many people happy and will continue. so i'm going to stop feeling like shit and start feeling and thinking better about you dear friend, because i'm a good person and smart and i'm not ugly, and i would make a great companion

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


last week me and the girls went to ice skating. its not my first time to go skating but the last time i skate it was 10 years ago when Istana Plaza's Skating area is still open. so honestly, that day, i totally forgot how to skate.

the first half hour, my friend, Jany, taught me all her knowledge (basically how to NOT fall). and this is surprisingly worked. im so happy that i was the only one who didnt fall that day :D Here's the video i took from our iceland.

and here for the photos

i had a super fun day that day, and im looking forward to do it again, maybe if you wanted to go skate, please ask me and my answer will definitely YES!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


i got the assignment to make a paper about the communication strategy of product/service/campaign for my mid semester exams. after thinking long enough, i decided to chose ONE campaign for my subject. and here it goes..


ONE campaign Pictures, Images and Photos

ONE adalah salah satu organisasi internasional yang melawan kemiskinan dan penyakit yang dapat dicegah seperti HIV/AIDS khususnya di Afrika. ONE berusaha meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat dan para pemimpin politik dunia untuk membantu kebijakan efektif tentang kesehatan, kebersihan, kemiskinan, dan pendidikan untuk anak-anak.ONE didirikan oleh Bono dan beberapa tokoh kemanusian dunia maupun dari Afrika sendiri.
PadaONE, mereka mencapai perubahan melalui advokasi. Mereka memegang pemimpin dunia untuk memperhitungkan komitmen yang telah mereka buat untuk memerangi kemiskinan ekstrim, dan mereka berkampanye untuk kebijakan pembangunan yang lebih baik, bantuan lebih efektif dan reformasi perdagangan. Mereka juga mendukung demokrasi yang lebih besar, akuntabilitas dan transparansi untuk memastikan kebijakan untuk mengalahkan kemiskinan diterapkan secara efektif.

ONE bekerja sama dengan para ahli kebijakan, para pemimpin Afrika, dan aktivis anti-kemiskinan untuk memobilisasi opini publik agar mendukung metode teruji dan terbukti untuk menanggulangi kemiskinan. Pada ONE, mereka percaya perjuangan melawan kemiskinan bukan tentang amal, tetapi tentang keadilan dan kesetaraan.
Dengan bergabung bersama gerakan ONE, anda memiliki kesempatan untuk mengambil tindakan untuk dukungan yang efektif, inisiatif terbukti memberikan hasil di tempat-tempat termiskin di planet ini: masyarakat melindungi keluarga dari penyakit yang dapat dicegah seperti AIDS dan malaria, menempatkan anak-anak di sekolah, memberikan kesempatan ekonomi dan menstabilkan. Bila anda bergabung ONE, anda bergabung dengan jutaan orang dari kanan, kiri dan pusat yang percaya bahwa tempat tinggal anda tidak harus menentukan apakah anda hidup. ONE meminta suara Anda untuk membantu dalam gerakan orang dan organisasi yang bekerja untuk mengakhiri kemiskinan di seluruh dunia.
ONE dan 2 juta anggotanya sekarang, bersama dengan organisasi pendahulunya Data ONE dan non-profit mitra, telah memainkan peran penting dalam membujuk pemerintah untuk mendukung program-program yang efektif dan kebijakan yang membuat perbedaan yang terukur dalam memerangi kemiskinan dan penyakit. Sebagai hasil dari program tersebut, saat ini hampir 4 juta orang Afrika memiliki akses terhadap pengobatan AIDS yang menyelamatkan jiwa, naik dari hanya 50.000 orang pada tahun 2002. Malaria kematian telah terbelah dua di negara di Afrika dalam waktu kurang dari 2 tahun dan anak-anak 42 juta lebih sekarang pergi ke sekolah.

Pada One, kami tidak meminta uang anda, tapi kami meminta suara anda..

Analisa Kasus

1. New Wave Metode
Karakter yang ingin ONE sampaikan kepada masyarakat adalah kepedulian terhadap sesama manusia. Mempersatukan seluruh masyarakat di dunia melalui satu wadah untuk satu tujuan mulia yaitu kehidupan yang lebih baik di masa yang akan datang.

Target audience ONE sendiri meliputi hampir seluruh masyarakat di dunia, baik simpatisan dan tokoh politik, maupun warga sipil pada umumnya yang memiliki kepedulian terhadap sesama manusia dan memiliki kesadaran tinggi kepada pentingnya penyelesaian masalah sosial yang ada bagi kepentingan bersama. Selain itu kepada seluruh pengguna jasa internet sehingga memudahkan bagi mereka untuk ikut serta menyuarakan pendapat mereka meskipun berada di belahan bumi yang berbeda.
Target audience difokuskan kepada pria / wanita berusia 18 – 50 tahun, berpendidikan, dan berstatus ekonomi cukup sampai menengah ke atas.

Co – Creation
Co creation yang dilakukan oleh ONE ada 2 macam yaitu :
Dengan melakukan registrasi secara online kita sudah dapat bergabung dengan gerakan ONE : ACT NOW yang berarti kita ikut menandatangani petisi yang akan dikirimkan kepada para pemimpin politik di dunia.
Gerakan ONE : ACT NOW saat ini tengah mengangkat tentang gerakan agar pada tahun 2015 tidak aka nada bayi yang lahir dengan HIV/AIDS. Dimulai dengan keikutsertaan Amerika Serikat diharapkan negara berkembang lainnya akan ikut serta.
ONE blog adalah suatu situs harian gerakan anti kemiskinan. Blog ini dikelola oleh staf ONE dan dapat diisi oleh siapa saja yang ingin berpartisipasi dengan gerakan ini.

One mempunyai sebuah gerakan Spread The World sebagai salah satu bentuk conversation. Spread The World adalah sebuah email yang dikirimkan melalui orang ke orang, dimana isi dari email tersebut sudah disediakan oleh ONE dan tinggal melakukan copy paste sehingga langsung dapat dikirimkan kepada semua orang, kerabat dan keluarga kita.
Ada pun isi dari email tersebut adalah :
Subject: Join me in the fight against extreme poverty


I've just signed up to ONE and the fight against extreme poverty. I'd like you to join me.
By supporting ONE, you have the opportunity to take action to support effective, proven initiatives that are delivering results in the poorest places on the planet: protecting families from preventable diseases like AIDS and malaria, putting children in school, providing economic opportunity and stabilising communities.
Join me and millions of people around the world who believe that where you live shouldn't determine whether you live:
Together as ONE we can make a difference!


Kemudian selain itu, ONE juga memiliki ONE WIGDET dan ONE BANNER yang dapat diinstall di website atau blog pribadimu sebagai jalan pintas untuk mengakses ONE.

2. Legacy 4P Metode

ONE adalah situs kampanye kemanusian yang bergerak dibidang pemberantasan kemiskinan, kebodohan, dan AIDS khususnya di Afrika. ONE dapat diakses melalui dari seluruh dunia. Tujuan dari ONE sendiri adalah memperbaiki kehidupan melalui petisi yang didukung oleh suara seluruh masyarakat dunia. Dengan harapan mendesak para pemimpin politik dunia untuk bergerak membantu menyelesaikan masalah ini.
Harga dari satu suara yang kita berikan kepada ONE sebenarnya tidak dapat dihitung dalam mata uang mana pun. Dan ONE sendiri tidak menjual apa pun selain ajakan untuk membantu sesama. Seperti yang muncul dalam slogan ONE sendiri yaitu, “we don’t need your money, we need your voice”
ONE terbagi dalam beberapa kegiatan. Saat ini gerakan kampanye yang sedang dilakukan oleh ONE adalah,
1. Live in a World Where : NO CHILD IS BORN WITH HIV
Sebagai bentuk perayaan Hari Anti AIDS sedunia, ONE melakukan gerakan 2015 NO CHILD BORN WITH HIV, dimana mereka membuat petisi yang dapat didukung oleh siapa saja dengan melakukan registrasi online via situs ONE, serta dengan video kampanye yang telah tersebar dijejaring-jejaring sosial (video terlampir ).
Gerakan ini ditujukan untuk membantu wanita-wanita di Afrika memperbaiki taraf hidupnya baik di bidang kesehatan, pendidikan, bahkan dibidang politik.

Adapun gerakan rutin yang dilakukan oleh ONE adalah sebagai berikut,
1. Spread The World
Yaitu menyampaikan pesan berantai melalui email untuk mengajak seluruh lapisan masyarakat yang ada di dunia untuk ikut menyumbangkan suaranya demi membantu sesama.
2. ONE Blog
Wadah dimana siapa pun, kapan pun, dimana pun, dapat menyuarakan aspirasinya demi membantu terwujudnya kehidupan yang lebih baik.

ONE telah melakukan berbagai promosi yaitu :
1. Commercial Videos
2. ONE widget, adalah aplikasi untuk handphone, smartphone dan android untuk dapat mengakses ONE dimana pun kapan pun.
3. ONE Banner, adalah jalan pintas untuk mengakses situs ONE dari personal bloh ataupun personal account lainnya.

how do you think? you dont have to understand what the heck is this marketing communication strategy means, i hope after reading this article and watching the videos, you will be interested to give your voice to help our sisters and brothers, help the world fighting against HIV/AIDS to protect your self from HIV/AIDS.

visit ONE or sign up via ONE Banner from my page.

Stay Safe.