Saturday, June 29, 2013

i like summer

i just had the best two weeks in my life.

i was quite surprised of how happy i am these past two weeks. two weeks of sunny day and warm weather, two weeks of summer. the sun is warm and the birds are singing in my head. the sight is fun, the sound is fun and the smell is also fun. i used to hate summer but not this one. this is my summer, my season to take time and appreciate my good fortune to live on my beautiful life and just enjoy the rest. late nights are here again, afternoon run and Popsicles in between. summer has brought me to be me again. i got my spirit back, i got my confidence back, my youth, my sparkle life is here again. thanks summer, for being so friendly with me. that was the best 2 weeks i've ever had and today it's raining again.

i had a good time playing with my camera and sunlight. here are the best ones :

see you again summer,