Monday, July 18, 2011

happiest birthday Aika :)

remember my friend Aika? the pretty one from Philippine? She's having her birthday on July 13. so here is a little sumthing from me to her. i asked tirto to join me but he's too shy to do so. he says hi, cant wait to see you in 4 days. love you doll.

hope you'll love it as much as i love you.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i wish i could teleport

from the place where i am writing now, i could see the blue sky and i could feel the heat touches my skin. and then my though flies far far away to the most perfect place i want to be right now in this sunny summer day. uh, if only traveling is not that expensive :(


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


last thursday was my mum birthday. which, incidentally happened on the same day as my uncle's birthday. so my big family decided to go on short vacation in town to celebrate their birthday. my grandmother, all my cousins, uncles and aunties were gathered here in Bandung. for me, that was a very rare situation to have all my family here in the town. because except lebaran, we rarely get together like this because most of them are live in other cities and because of their busyness. so, last weekend was special.

this year my mum reached 49 years old. even tho she looks very young and fresh and healthy, i know she is not that young anymore. my mum has become a single parent for almost 7 years. and for that 7 years, she has done amazing things. she raised me, my sister and my brother great. she has successfully led my sister to her dream, going to school in Japan. she has successfully led me to become a wife and a mother to be. she has successfully led my brother to become a healthy and smart and funny kid with an amazing talent of drawing ( you should check out my brother's drawing, its crazy beautiful!). she has successfully not only become a good mother, but also a good friend for all us. well, at least for me.

its a year before her 50. i guess its our turn now to make her happy. to make her life more colorful than before. to make her dreams come true. to give her support that we have got from her all our entire life. thank you mum. not for everything you have gave me, but thank you for being you. for always being my mother no matter what. thank you mum for always forgive me. for always be a home for me. for being the best teacher and the best friend in the world. i love you so much more than everything and limitless. i adore you mom. you're superstar :)

my mum and my uncle

mum's surprise birthday

ps: last monday, i went to my doctor. its good to know that our baby is fine and it is SHE. im so excited. IM HAVING A DAUGHTER! wish me and the baby best of luck and a good health ya!