Tuesday, November 30, 2010

funny people. i like

as i've said before, me and Tir will do more on video. and here there are, im proudly present our latest videos on youtube!

actually, these are our old videos, we took it around 2008. its good to finally uploaded it!

i lost my will to write. life is pretty good nowadays and a lot of things i wanted to write right now, but it seems that people now become so easily emotional of what im writing. its funny to see how stupid there are.

so hope y'all enjoy the video, sit tight and wait up for our next videossss!


ps: im so happy because there is no morning class today! its good to have nothing to do all morning! i have my MGMT here with me, heard they're coming to the town, so excited! tell me what're you listening to this morning! click here muah!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


last Thursday, me and the girls did photoshoot for our photography assignment and here's some photos ririt took for me.




its kinda funny to see my self in the shoot where i usually saw it on tv. and i really enjoyed it! looking forward to do more photoshoot like this hihi.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy birthday bun & tirto

HAPPY BITHDAY to me and Tir!

finaleeeeee! im so happy because we finally made it. 2 years maybe a short time for a lifetime but 2 years is long enough to something serious, right? im so happy i could do my monkey dance right now. well, me and Tir celebrated our anniversary last Tuesday. we watched Harry Potter which i found out so boring, good but not good enough, and grab our favorite food in the world, japanese!
and now, im about to get ready for our second celebration party at the villa with our friends. we're going to have barbeque party! if you think you now us quite well, then you're invited!

here's some photos and video we took from last Tuesday. another silly faces photos hehe :p me and Tir wanted to do videos more, so just wait up until we finished our next video :D





click here for full view.

im seriously happy right now. last year Tir gave me Dieng for our anniversary gift and this year he gave me BALI!!!!! naaaah, i cant wait. he gave me Bali plus his whole love!! you all should be jealous and hate me and stop following my twitter because im the happiest girl in the world!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


did you know how it feels to suddenly awakened in the middle of your beauty sleep?

it sucks and confusing. because you will find your self staring at your room doing nothing. hungry and thirsty. and that's me now.

well, life today is running in a weird way. what i think my worst is now beginning to recover. i finally enjoy being a designer. i've just finished my redesign assignment very well. im so proud of my self. awesome. but what i think my best is now turned to be blur. 2 days from now is my anniversary with Tir but now i found both of us standing back to back. of course i can not blame him for all this madness. i started the fight. well not fight like really fight. but i started it. what had happened between me and Tir is unwriteable here. because it will sound super silly. but i cant help my self not to think that way. because both us have a huge jealous monster behind our back and there is no way we could stop it. it bugging me. i dont want to feel this way. this is not right. but if my worry was right.. i dont even dare to imagine :(

i supposed to be confuse about picking the right gift for him now. and i now im confused to find out is he or is he not. so sad. really sad.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

be friend with Katakana

For me personally, Katakana is not a foreign word anymore. My sister studied Japanese literature and now she lives in japan. so my ears and my eyes are so used to it. and some of us who may have received Japanese language lessons while still in high school must already know a bit about katakana. and the rest maybe still blind with this katakana stuff.

so here i am, to share knowledge and to remind again all about this. Katakana is japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system along with Hiragana and Kanji, and in some cases the latin alphabet (romaji). The world Katakana means "fragmentary kana". Katakana are characterized by short, straight strokes, and angular corners, and are the simplest of the Japanese scripts. is it me or am i really sound so boring? all this information is available on the internet of course. why do i bother to wrote down again. one click and google will show you everything you wished to know about Katakana it self.

i've been doing research about the most important language in the world and Japanese in number 8 after English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, chinese and German. This fact is surprising to me because i was, until today, just knew how important Japanese is. Back in high school, i always skipped my Japanese class because i felt i wasnt so important to me and weird and freakin' hard. i never imagined before that i should write "NA" but i didnt supposed to write the letters N and A. i bet i will spend ages to write my own name! and when i was face to face to the fact that im not an anime lover or their music lover and whatsoever really makes me dislike the language more and more.

but now everything has changed. when my lecture gave me this task to write presentation about Katakana, i was thinking if i only give the meaning and examples it would be so seriously boring. so i read more and more articles about Katakana and suddenly my eyes open wider. this language is important. Japan as we all know, controls the industry, technology, design, fashion even music. you dont have to be an anime lover to like it. as the wikipedia said, katakana is the simplest of Japanese scripts. so it will makes a good and easy first step for us to learn. as a young designer, we try so hard to rule the world by our design, and to rule the world, we have to be part of it. and language is the key to that door.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

we can, can't we?

this is what happens if i spend too much time alone and doing nothing. im thinkin too much.

this isnt the first time i had a relationship with someone. i wont mention how many times i have a relationship, but the main thing is, relationships have given me many lesson to learn.

this is the first relationship that i expect to be my last. a week from now we will celebrating our 2 years anniversary. and from my experience, a relationship when it was 2 years old will naturally change. our relationship wont be about i love you and i miss you anymore. its about you're so boring and our love is amazingly monotonous. sounds so sad and pathetic. well, honestly, im so scared. i dont want that cruel things happened to my relationship. i want this love long last forever. i want to in love, like really love forever. can we do that?

Friday, November 12, 2010

i blog

tell me what you think about my new blog title?

inspired by my travel magazine for last semester assignment, iTravel, i've decided to change my blog headline to i blog. sounds like apple's die hard fans right? haha well, im not, but i blog really sounds like me right now. i blog almost every time i sit alone in my room, and i blog every time my heart beats faster and slower, i blog like my entire time. so here it is, my i blog.

i have this assignment to make a paper for presentation. its about katakana ( Japanese's type of language i suppose ) and the other is about whatever i want to write. so here i am, drowning in the ocean of choices because a lot of thing i want to write nowadays. i am desperately want to write about things that really annoyed me, but i wonder if that important enough to tell to every one at my class. im thinking about writing something about New Wave Marketing, my lecture told me in my last Management of Advertising class about it. its about the era where every one could be speaker for every thing. every one tweeting or updating status or even blogging about every thing in the world. it could be good or it could be bad. this is really got my nerve, because as an internet user, i am the part of the new wave marketing era. how cool is that?? i will try my best to write about that and i'll post it so you could read and tell me what do you think.

actually, right now im not really in a good condition. my stomach is sick. something doesnt work so well down there. im not losing my mood to eat, i just dont know what i wanted to eat. every thing seems so tasteless for me. i tried like every food in the world but nothing is really fit on it. and i feel like there's an air inside my stomach that wont come out, you know we called it kembung. trust me, it feels so freakin not good.

my anniversary party will be held about 2 weeks from now. i hope every thing goes as i plan. but right now i will focus to my stomach's attack and my assignment. i will blog soon i finished my new wave marketing paper. ciao!

ps: dont forget to watch the walking dead eps.2 to night!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


i was listening to stars and suddenly i feel a rush sadness coming over my chest. i was sad and missing Tir so much. what happened between us yesterday and today was nothing. i cant write the details but seriously it was nothing. it was only a joke and i dont know why it turned to be weird. yesterday, i asked him why i didnt get his text and he said he doesnt get any from me so he didnt give me ones. i was like, okay its me being busy here so why he didnt want to do the first move to text me? the whole texting thing is weird and it gets weirder now. i mean, how can some one is possibly living in texting rules? i dont want to put all the blame to him, but just, seriously?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

morning's thought

its 6.30 in the morning and i was awake :D its good to finally have a free time to finally blogging again. there are no interesting subject to write so i just post photos. but this morning, i will write a bit more.

well, like i said, i love november. i began everyday with a hope to be better day for me. it worked a little. i just had a great saturday ever and quality time with my friends. my assignment, maybe my hope isnt that strong for this part, so my assignment is still so-so. my relationship, mmm i always have this strange feeling every time i try to explain how my relationship works. mine is not a prefect romantic one. people might see that we're always together and laughing and loving and whatever, but inside the house, we're full of fighting and anger and jealousy, but its not like we're in so much trouble that we should be just breaking up, we're just ordinary. we love and then we fight and then we love again. sometimes it hurts my feeling to have a fight with him almost every day, but its kinda sweet because after we fight, we always love each other more.


ps: 15 days from now is our 2nd anniversary. sooo exciteddddd <3

pizza girls




last sunday, me and the girls decided to spent extra money to have closing celebration of the hated month: October. three of us have a date together at the one of the most famous pizza at town. it was so fun tho we knew we just ate a lot of fat and will ruin all of our diet program, but screw diet, we're just too happy to know that october was finally over!!!!!


yesterday was a great saturday ever.

its graduation day for class 2006, garage sale and seminar of template. me and the girls sell some of our clothes and cup corn. actually it was the first time for me selling food like that and that was so freakin hectic but we made a lot of money :D

every year, we always have this celebration party for graduators, and it always come up with different theme. this year theme was halloween. but i dont know why, i found this Russel from Up at the halloween costume party.



adorable right? maybe a little bit out of the line but this Russel kid was too cute to be true. haha but he's not the only one who's got my attention, i found another "cute" boy at the seminar. he's not wearing any costume, but he's just exactly look like..


ARIEL PETERPAN! hahaha i cant stop laughin my pants off when i saw him for the first time! look exactly like him. his name is prabu and he's proud to be called Ariel.

well, that was just a piece of a whole great saturday. i'll post more photos as soon as i get them from jani's camera. happy graduation for class of 2006, congratulation to 2008 and 2009, and welcome 2010 :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sweet november

i wrote this post title with very big expectations.

there's no word can exactly explain how excited i am about this month. im so, so happy that finally october was over! god, what a tough month!

november is my favorite month after march of course. for me november is a month of love. yesterday, november 4 was my parents anniversary. their love story is a love story that i really wanted to do. my dad was a hardcore man, but he is the most loyal person i ever knew in this world. he done everything he could for my mom. and my mom, she used to be a career woman before she got married, but after becoming wife, she left everything and gave herself entirely to my father and family. she never left the house without my dad permission. she always took care of every thing my dad needs. and one thing that makes their love very special to me is, only death separates them..

november 23 is my anniversary with tir. 2 years this year. i cant say that im so happy, im happy and scared at the same time. i wonder if our love could be like my parents. but who knows? all we both can do is pray and live as possible. i wanna be like my mom for him. really am. so we have this plan to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together with friends at my family's villa. but because november 23 is tuesday which in the middle of the week, maybe we should find another day so that every one could come. its not like we will have a party all night long whatsoever, we'd like to share our happiness with our close friends and pray for each others. i hope our plan will work well, and make sure you get invited.

ps: my biggest sorry for all merapi's victim. couldnt do anything more except praying for all of you :(