Saturday, October 30, 2010


this post i dedicated special to my sister.

here we go, yesterday, mom and i decided to took a walk to one of the oldest shopping center in town. we wanted to let go our hectic week for a while. so, when we got to the mall, a sales girl came to us and she gave us a peeler, she said it was free, some kind of merchandise from their company. i said thanks and she said we got a chance to win another prizes if we want to give a little our time to open the voucher or something like that, so mom took one and opened it, i couldnt believe my eyes when i see we just won this :

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a super expensive electric stove! OMG! it was just in time when we're about to move to the new house this end of the year! the sales girl gave my mom a hug and she said my mom was the luckiest woman in the mall today. i know right! i mean, in my life i never ever won any prizes from voucher! its crazy! so we had a sit and the sales girl started to talk about this and that the winner must to do, she said she wants to take a picture of my mom with the stove for the magazine. i never thought this is all lie before she asked my mom about her credit card, my mom gave a look her credit cards and the sales girl said my mom with an extra prize from the credit card, it was a food processor. the situation getting weird and weird when the sales girl is keep talking and talking the same crap. she said according to the rules from the company, my mom could take a prizes, electric stove and food processor if my mom bought something from their product and all their product's prizes're above 5 million rupiah. my mom started to laugh. she said, oh you got me! you said we just won and we're the luckiest but the truth is we're here because our bad luck. the sales girl keeps talking she said my mom will save a lot of her money. my mom said she doesnt want a 5 millions rupiah panci to cook a noodle. and the sales girl's face turned from a fully smiling face into a dead pale girl and she said oh thanks for the time here take the peeler. i couldnt hide my annoyed face and i said come on mom, we just won a peeler!

all the afternoon i spent the time laughing our ass off and talking about how close we are to the fool. haha, if my sister was here i know she would laughing her pants off too. damn, i cant believe so many people do bad stuff just to get some money. life is rough.

ps: i cant resize the picture, dont know why :p

Saturday, October 23, 2010

random activity

i suppose to writing about our last trip to cibodas right now, but i am in a serious condition of stuck. you know everything moves around me seem love to bugging me. i need to lock my door and turn my light off all the time! just to keeping them away from me. i wish i could write about them! ah bloody stupid things!

i have no idea what the heck is going wrong with the weather. one time you cant even name how big the rain is, and the other time you can easily feel the sun like a feet away from your head!!! it is pretty suck because you cant decided what clothes you're gonna wear. and also im getting close to my menstrual period, so all i can thinking now is i wanna eat eat and eat a lot of salty and spicy food!!!!! due the reason of my desire to eat, supermarket is my new kind of heaven on earth. i love to shopping to supermarket all the freakin time! my neighbor even called me a supermarket-holic! its kinda sad because it sound more like i am a consumptive person but the truth is i just love the feeling when i step my foot at supermarket, i mean all the good stuff were there hacking by the rack. the smell of fresh vegetables and fruits, the new faces you met, the children running while their mommy picking something cheap but still delicious for supper, supermarket is like heaven full with stuff we needed! sometimes i dont even buy something, literally, i only bought a juice or snack but the feeling i get from walking around at supermarket is amazing. sometimes i imagine my self maybe 3 or 4 years from now, i'll walking down ath supermarket with my small little daughter looking for something to cook and my husband will be with my son, walking at automotive's area looking screwdriver to fix my son little car. what a life.

today is sunday and that makes tomorrow is monday. back to daily routine life. morning class again afternoon class which killing my pants off! i hope every one have a good last lazy day today before get your asses back to reality.

i miss Tir so much. i guess i better looking something to do and wait for Tir comes. ciao!

Friday, October 22, 2010

a piece of life




in my college life, i made a number of friends. not much but you wont be able to count it with your 10 fingers. some of them are sucker. type kind of friend who stalked and followed. some of them always wanted to know everything happened in the world, some of them liked to eat my food, some of them loved to pretend,some of them are so damn childish and bugging me, you name it, sucker will always be suck. but these girls, well i couldn't say they are perfect, but these girls are good, just a kind of friend i needed the most. this is the 3rd year we learn together to be designer. even thought not all us really wanted to be designer for our permanent job. me, i want to be a wife-mother-house, and ghessy, the one who wear polo shirt on the photos, she was good at cook. when i said good, it means really good. screw the other wanna be cooker, she's the bomb at her battle. ririt, the one with red jacket, was in love with robots and photograph along with dita, the Chinese one. different from juon, the one with yellow watch, i think she will be a good designer, her free hand drawing is stunning and she is amazingly funny. you wont know how funny she is until you talk face to face with her. and then we have nanda and via, the two with jilbab, from all of our brutally things, thank god we have them because they're so calm and some kind of reminder to us to watch our behavior. hehe. and the last one is jani, she is not in the photos because i lost her track when we took this photos. but she's good. she's the tough one. strongest girl in our little circle.

named their head as my bestfriend is seriously hard. you know you just cant pick someone and label it with BFF tag. but these girl, i hope we can be friend as long as know each other. i hope they will be on my top guest list on my wedding day. haha..

23 for 23

happy anniversary to us!

its good to be writing again about our anniversary. 23 months! a month to go to 2 years straight! im so happy yet so scared at the same time. usually, every relationship that has been aged 2 years, will begin to experience problems which different from the others that ever existed.

these past two weeks, me and Tir had some fights about things that seriously we shouldn't yell about. Tir hates when it comes for my silence. he said it bugging his concentration at work. he said im causing a mess on his head. at my point of view, my silence movement is caused by him. his words and the way he said things to me really hurting my heart. when he said no, its like he said it with caps lock mode on, like NO! and last wednesday, when we were eating our dinner at Cipanas, we fight about our meal. what kind of sick couple fighting about a meal? just to honest, for a sec i thought this isn't right. me and him, we're fighting about nothing, im clueless about what will happen to our relationship in the future if we still fighting about something that literally never existed?

so last night, im spending my anniversary night all by my self to think. re-think everything all over again. im in love. like a big big big love. see when we're in love, we wont be able to see our love ones sad or upset, we couldnt accept if our love ones taking a step backward for our arms. we want to be together, silence is disaster, it makes both of us feel so far from each other. we want to be together, even in one plate of our dinner meal. and i guess that's the reason why me and Tir fights. because we're so in love. and last when he called, i never feel so sure about anything in life the way im sure about my feeling for him.

so today, before i started writing this post. i began my day with a hope for me and him to be in love forever. be to fighting and laughing after it.

happy anniversary love.

Friday, October 15, 2010


do you think im weird for enjoying my self more than anything in the world?

Monday, October 11, 2010

hi, i'm back!

i'm posting from my new laptop :D

it's been almost a month i'm away from the computer and this makes me also be separated temporarily from the internet world and all i can say is.. geez, i'm so happy to be back! life without internet connection, for me is almost impossible. it's like i lost my other eye. some of you may think i'm over dramatical over this, but seriously, i always need ( without logical explanation) to be online. there's always a reason for me to get in touch with this world. that's why i feel so alive to night when i, for the very first time after a month, online, updating my status and blog from my brand new laptop :D

i have a lot of things to share and my fingers are so excited to typing again and downloading again hahaha.. hello internet world, i'm so back!


Monday, October 4, 2010


again. bad luck happened.

tirto just lost his motorcycle. Police number: B 6391 KXS at Ciumbeluit 73 around 21.30 - 22.30, today, Monday Oct 4,2010.

All I want right now is not to believe this is happening again. I just lost my laptop 2 weeks ago and now Tir lost his motorcycle. Ya Allah.. Innanilahi..

Learn from what had happened to me 2 weeks ago, if we losing something, all we have to do is just let it go. Deep inside my humanly emotion, I want to yell and curse and mad and cry and even maybe hit or kill someone right now. I want to have someone to blame. 'What if' was all over my head. What if we never came to Fikong's? What if I decided to go to ATM first? Maybe this is won't happening. But all I have to do, and all I can do is just let it go.

A friend of mine told me, life is a circle. Once you're on the top, you should prepare to fly down and once you're down, be proud because you're about to be on top. This is what I need to believe right now. I need to believe that everything happened for a reason and this time it will be for a good reason. I need to believe that God have a very beautiful plan for me and Tir. I need to believe that God took something from us because God want to give something more for us. I need to believe that today, after all the thing had happened, God loves us much more.

Let it go.