Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello,my name is me

april went well.

not well like well, but im good. really good.

i miss my much.i miss my mom,i miss having her around me.she's working like crazy was so hard to see her in free times.and my sis will be moving to Japan in couple months which means my brother will be moving here i am,preparing my self for long distance relationship with my family. i dont know how to exist in the world where my family dont.

but i know i'll be friends will be boyfriend too.of course he will.i know he wont let me makes no reason to be sad or scare or lonely.right? yes i was right. because i just got a good news. a very small news but very good. Lonely Planet send me an email yesterday, told me that one of my photo appeared in The Lonely Planet Travel Mosaic.


i cant stop saying OMG. like really Oh My God.I mean i know it was so so so small, but Lonely Planet is a very huge thing.a something.and when i became of them, even if its so so happy. i feel so happy. see? the middle one is me,and take a look the other photos were perfect.placed together with them makes me so Oh My boyfriend took it when we went to Gede Pangrango National Park last year. Hehe cool isnt it?

first, the travelblogsites choose my blog as blog of the day for February 22, and now Lonely Planet puts me on they travel mosaic, whats next? i dont know, who knows? i just hope there will be many me again, i hope the world sees me as something. because people around me sometimes see me as nothing, so i wanna be something. keep treating me well 2010!be my year.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


i cant believe that we are already in the end of the month step away from May.time was running very fast.too fast really.too fast until i couldn't remember what had happened and what have i missed. i dont know whether this is a good thing or just a bad thing? but whatever, time will continue running, no matter how hard we try to stop it.

actually,i dont have anything interesting to write days a bit boring lately.but in a good way.i mean no serious problems.i just get bored and lonely.maybe because the will have to agree with me that the weather sucks these days.and i do a little fight too with T, no details but its nothing new and we're fine,trust me.Ghessy will go to Bali tomorrow with her family.i would like to give everything to go with her.i desperately need a holiday.not really holiday,a day trip escape from reality,going somewhere no one will find me will be great too.but..there is always a 'but'.

well,a little something to tell.last week,like i told you before,i went to the capital with friends. i had a lot fun,we are all wet and snowy. its good to finally be there again,i mean be there after a very long times.its good to see im doing great.the city used to be my home and now im enjoying my self as a visitor. its good to finally moved on.

i gotta run,today is sunday which means tomorrow is monday which means i have a homework to bye now,catch up later.dont forget to bring a jacket and umbrella with you everyday,in case you need it.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

my seventeen again

i never thought that we made it this far.after all the good and bad things happened,im so happy that what we have now still real and even more than real.17 months is not a short time, but i still remember clearly first day i met you...such a complete i couldn't be happier than to say that you and me now is one piece of thing.
im not wishing for another 17 days,17 months,17 years to spend with you, i want forever.

thank you for being who you are.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my dream

i wanna be my self. i wanna be the world for my self.i wanna be a writer. writing about my mom and my dad. writing about my sister and my brother. writing about what i saw, places.. people.. problems. i wanna be a singer. singing about my loves. singing about how they broke my heart. singing about my feelings, pain.. happiness.. empty.

i wanna meet a good boy who likes my smile, and loves my straight hair. i wanna meet a good boy who loves having a cup of tea with me and talking about our fingers.i wanna meet a good boy who loves me, everything about me. i wanna meet a good boy who loves his mother. i wanna meet a good boy who will marry me under the night sky at his highest peak. and i wanna say i do to that good boy.

i wanna go somewhere far away with that good boy. lived in a house near to his heart and next to his love. i wanna be his bed and his chair. i wanna be his friend. i wanna be his partner. i wanna be his sister. i wanna be everything he needs me to.

i wanna see him alone if he needs to. i wanna hear him yelling when he's mad.i wanna see him drunk after meeting his high school friends. i wanna see him crying when he's sad. and i wanna be there.

i wanna go in a day trip to his mind. to hear everything he haven't say. to see everything he might see.

but i dont wanna be the reason for his madness. i dont wanna be the reason for his sickness.

i just wanna be what i have to be for me and for him.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

when you were away

when i couldn't meet my boyfriend,sometimes i feel a little bit worry of a chance that he lied to me or doing something bad behind my back.dont tell me,i know it was wrong and bad and mean and whatever,but in casual dating,its normal right?when losing our love one is our biggest afraid,a bit suspicious is allowed.

in a week,i could only see him 2 times.maybe 3.our relationship used to be like where ever she is there he is,but now,we're only have two times in a week to catch up each other.first,yes it was hard for me (im writing from my side so i dont know what he might think about it),of course it was hard,i dont know what the hell he was doing out there without my eyes on him.but now i have this magical word to help easier to breath,relax.although only 2 times,but if it was memorable and fun and romantic and great,it was more than highly enough.we've made this far,im sure we will make it the rest of the way just fine.i mean,we cant honestly except our boyfriend to stay at home waiting for our call right?just do trust more.every relationship based on trust.if i can trust him for going out there without me,then what can i trust him to do?
in the end,whatever happens-will matter how much i push him to see me more often.if he wanted to do something he thoughts more important than watching dvd with me and i feel uncomfortable about that,he'd do it whether i mad or not.all i have to do is to be able to let go and trust him and be more understanding helps a lot.

no one said that relationships were easy.esp one like mine.just start to focusing on the ways to solve it,not the ways you make it in every relationship,communication is the key to keeping your sanity and your relationship together.if you still unsure about something,talk,ask whatever to make you sure.

jakarta here i come!

finally,tomorrow i'm going to hit the capital!

the best city in my life.i love everything about the city,the food,the view,the night light,the freeways,the crowded,the mall,everything.after a billion years,i finally get there again.there may be some slight differences with another visits earlier, but i still super excited. i'm coming with my girls tomorrow.we will get wet in snowbay water park and than continue to safari will be my first time ever to snowbay and safari night. HAHA. im happy.

i'll write you later telling my trip to batavia.wish me a very enjoyable and safe trip okay.

jakarta here i come!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


finger crossed buat uts seminggu ini.
senin ke snowbay terus ke taman safari.yes.

one day i'll be the next maureen wheeler

who is maureen wheeler?

she is Tony Wheeler's beloved wife.Tony and Maureen founded The Lonely Planet Together.And what is Lonely Planet? Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world.Please feel free to check out their website on triple w dot lonelyplanet dot com,hehe

what's with this maureen girl?first,she has a husband who loves her very very much.and it was every girl dreams.second,her experience of exploring the world is amazing.i mean, Paris Hilton maybe has been around the world,but Maureen do it very different syles.Together with her husband, they work to raise money to throw them far from home to southeast asia. not only for vacation,but they learn everything they see,speak to the natives, sleeping in tents,met with backpacker from various countries,and the best thing is driving motorcycle across the borderline!its like OMG thing for me!

she really inspired me to write a travel blog.because i do little traveling too.but pity me,my writing has not shown progress.hehe.but i dont speak give up language.i'll do my best to be good.maureen is great.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i'm 20
i'm studying graphic design
i'm obsessed with children and books
i love jackets
i hate garlic and another member of onion family
Dreaming is my religion
The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorite movies
i love Camera Obscura
i lived with my sister and my brother
i'm taken

should i take a bath right now?
how about my dkv assignment?
what happen with my friend?
why i dreamed such thing?
i should really stop eating chilly
i miss my boyfriend
i hate my friend,she's weird
what to eat today?
why monday coming so fast?

make me laugh
make me feel loved
take me to distant places
teach my how to play winning eleven
read books, i mean a lot of books
music's believer
relax and easy
give me hugs and kisses everytime i need it

Camera Obscura-French Navy
Pulp-Do You Remember The First Time?
Pulp-Common People
Joy Division-Isolated
The Smiths-Reel Around The Fountain
The Turtles-Elenore
Velvet Underground-After Hours

listen to my music
read a book
watch dvd
texting with my boyfriend
go online
imagine something funny

i miss you,please come home dad.
you're the most perfect human kind i've ever met.
what the hell is wrong with you?you acted like slut.
be cool.
forgive and forget,it will be a karma.


being left
unwanted feeling

get a tattoo

am i asking too much in this life?all i wanted is a happy life
with the people i love.but it sounds so hard.always hard

life changing experince

these past two days, i got very valuable lessons.

lesson no.1
think first.if some one says something bad about your bestfriend or your boyfriend,never take it seriously without think about that first.keep your eyes open and see the fact.because too much faith in what they said without thinking about the fact will harm your own self.

lesson no.2
relax and take it easy,if something bad happens to you,dont panic.dont yell,dont strike,dont do something and solve.keep your brain as cold as your floor,keep your heart beating like nice music from your itunes.keep your head on it places.relax and take it easy.when emotions taking control you will never see the end of your problem.

lesson no.3
there is no 100% for trusting people.why?trust is the foundation of all relationship right? is the main ingredient to all relationships,but never give it all.because someone who you trusted to know all of your weakness might be your greatest enemy.

lesson no.4
be mean,sometimes.dont be to kindly to someone,even to your bestfriend.because somehow it will make their head big and thinking that you cant live without them.they only want you when they feel in needed,and if they dont,they just aren't there for you.yes you read it right,bestfriend never be friend sometimes.

lesson no.5
start to do nomber 1-4.stop worried to much about what they said about your self than anyone cool,be normal,do bad and good things in about your self.

have a good saturday night

Thursday, April 8, 2010

my midnight chat!

how are you?????
well,acttually i dont have something to write right now.i just drop by to say hi!so haaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
im downloaded 3 albums at once,it took almost 4 hours.sooo now im waiting for the downloads to be completed. im a bit sleepy :0 but i dont want to click the cancel button,it was already 40%. hmmmm im totally hungry a bear.but i dont know what to eat, somebody please bring some crackers to my house..anyone????
i just have received a msg from my friend's bbm.the msg said that if we dont forward it to our bbm's messenger list,then our account will be close by the system it,i dont care if its true or just another hoax,i forwarded it to all of my bbm's messenger soryy to all who feel like disturbed, people got it and send it.right or wrong,you decide it.dont get mad,its just a msg.. :)

well,have a nice midnight everyone. have a nice hoax!

Monday, April 5, 2010

life changing experince

dont be too happy,overly love,overly hate and even overly excited.why?because after that you will realize that all this things were only a moment, and a moment after will make you sad and disappointed.
overly trust is another story, you know when you really trusted someone and you do your best to always help her/him when ever they needed and you do it all with a very sincere heart? not everyone will reply the same things.there are some one would feel like a little 'high' and they will behave like they want,speak without thinking,hurt you most.

i've been there and now im done there.



today is the best monday after my birthday!first,after passing through Saturday and Sunday with feelings of stress and depression,(remember about two bloody deadlines i told you before ?),today, im very proud to say, i finished everything very well! well done well done!even tho,the deadlines be postponed until tomorrow or some when i dont know,i dont care.the only thing i care is right now im a free bird without any workload!and..nothing better than that.

second,i have a very very very fun time with tirto in a good mood,and so he is.i love laughing together with him about something 'not-really' funny.and now i miss him already, i just saw him 30 minutes ago!what a love,things become so 'too much' when you're in love! i wonder if he missed me too..hmmmmmm sure he does x)

well,actually i have something to show you. its my picture with jacob black.geez,that wolf kiddo really have magically charm!but something wrong with my tweetphoto,so i guess i'll post it later. or please be free to check my twitter to see it @bbunnn

have a good monday everyone,huge wishes for all of you,and for me,i hope this good mood situation between me and him will go on like this continually. trouble happens in casual dating right?normal but sucks. i like today,so i wish another today for us :)

bye now.

ps:no jakarta in 2 days. pending until.. i dont know.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

midnight drama

one of my bad things is i always do everything just when the time is about to up.

my drama started when i got 2 deadlines on Monday.and on Friday,exactly 3 days before the day,i haven't started working on great.i thought it was only the architecture's signs that must completed on Monday, but, god, i hate 'but' so much, my safety pin font project MUST also completed on Monday too. which means i have 3 days left to finish all that stuff.i'm dead.

so i started my lovely saturday working on my archi's was hell.i supposed to be at Nike Wirehouse to buy some shoes, but what can i say?im stuck.and here's a little about my archi's sign stuff, my project is to make signage for architectural engineering,they are for the faculty it self,lecture room,janitor room,canteen,and audio-visual room.sounds pretty simple huh? hell no.because my 'how to say' is technically futuristic, which means i have to combine technical stuff with minimalist futuristic stuff. can you even imagine about that? geez. it kills me.

and when the sun hit the horizon,my friend, Dinda, just came in to my house, and told me how complicated and a very very very long step to work on the font stuff. im panic! i'm running out the time. how am i survive with these two bloody deadlines? what if i cant make it? my safety pin font project is to design a new font with safety pin as the main ingredients and button as a helper. i have to make one ( a-z ) with the color, one with black and white, one with the size( s ), and one with the song's lyrics. horror. god damn horror.

im taking a very deep breath,listening to nouvelle vogue,how relaxing,checking my twitter's timeline. i read a couple friends's status who enjoy the night.they're going to cafe and movies,or just have a romantic dinner with boyfriend and girlfriend.but none of them complaining about these deadlines.and than i think,it was me,its my bad,i mean i love what im doing right now,this is what i wanted to,i should have enjoy this.i mean,a girl working on saturday night sounds so grown up. right? am i right?
up up! i lifted my goofy ass up and started to working my safety pin while listening to the greatest Lou Reed, oh i love him so working and working while texting with my friend and chatting with my boy.i know,its like i have 5 hands right? but yeah i have it all!
so by the time knocking midnight i finished working on 70% my archi's sign and 35% my safety pin font stuff. isn't great?

right now,im sitting in front of the computer,taking my time to posting about my wow night, refresh my brain. and after this, im so ready to kick in back. am i sound like too-much? haha who cares?


safety pin

archi's sign sketch,the house one is when i got boring :p

a kiss for the love one

and me..

wish me luck for this sunday.have a good night

Thursday, April 1, 2010


or plastic
dont matter
we'll have it
vacations/and shopping sprees
we'll get what we want

Photo by: @riritt and @godalgadil
Model by: @bbunnn and @gheccy


from @ZodiacFact

hello pisces people! i just followed @ZodiacFact on stuff. but its kinda hard for me to read 'only' pisces stuff, they posted like one tweet per minute :p so, i wrote them down so it will make us easier to read the fact about our self! enjoy xxx!

1.Pisces don’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves in order to make or keep their partners happy
2.The perfect match for a Taurus is a Pisces.
3.Pisces Man Always seems to chose the wrong woman, or a woman he can't have
4.A Pisces Woman makes a man feel like a man because of her need for a protector and leader
5.Pisces is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs
6.Pisces likes risque encounters and offbeat activities.
7.Pisces are not the pushovers that they may seem, in fact they have strength of character and will stand up for themselves.
8.Pisces are the ones who end up in the most muddles over the years of their lives
9.Pisces likes having someone to lean on.
10.Pisces Are incredibly adaptable And Resilient.
11.Pisces Are MISUNDERSTOOD All the time
12.Pisces are great people they are devoted to everything they do but at times it may seem they need to lean on others for help
13.Pisces find their most lasting friendships with people born in their own period or between Jane 21 and July 20
14.Pisces are suckers for flattery give them compliments and tell them in a roundabout way that you admire them.
15.Pisces woman can see right through a man and she is not easy to fool, so any man better bestraight with her and not lead her on
16.Pisces women are very captivating and fascinating
17.Pisces downfall is their sensitivity and their inability to reject another person.
18.Pisces have an intuitive and psychic ability more then any other zodiac signs.
19.Pisces If something is wrong in the world that affects them, it affects them deeply, they take it to heart.
20.Pisces They have extreme compassion and they feel the pain of others.

already found your number yet?mine are almost all of them. i'll update our sign later.

have a good day fish friends!