Sunday, October 25, 2009

some candy talking


this is my whole weekend.Tirto and me and our random roomy activities.i skipped all my classes on Friday because Friday, October 23 was our anniversary!!!! so we decided to celebrate it together doing nothing else than caring each other,isn't that cute?. and also we finally watched The Ugly Truth :) not so ugly i think. Tirto picks me up on Saturday to have a picnic (again) to Tangkuban Parahu. but this time, his cousin, Beto and his girlfriend coming with us.for the first time we walked to the Goa Kahuripan and the holy water.the lady said,it's all about Prabu Siliwangi things. i don't remember anything from history class back to high school :P
the whole night we spent with talking about mama lorent's rumor about earthquake.Tirto said if there's something happen, you just run sounds like love to me. i ate chili too feels like thousand of butterflies in my stomach. huuu. i think i'll do my ilustrasi dasar's assignment tomorrow with making some clay things.i wanna sleep and hope my belly will be better next day.
oh then,we'll travel to Jogjakarta and Dieng at November's the plan. Jogja-Wonosobo-Dieng(stay for one night)-Jogja(stay for one night)-Bandung.i can't hardly wait.we'll send you guys a postcard hihi.
i'll write some more latter :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

sondre lerche really blows my mind to the yesterday's tale

me and tirto just downloaded sondre lerche's new album. and goodnight song really good. but this is my best.
sondre lerche - it's too late

Let it go, everyone's bound to know that I've lost you again.This time you wound up with someone else.Your own will let me down.Put your arms around me for the first and last time and say sincerely that you'll keep me in mind.'Cause time won't wait 'till it's too late to find out who you were.If you had let me make one honest mistake I'd try to change your mind.I try to set an example for all of those who blame their luck.You seem to know where you're heading now.I know this and that's not much.Tell me all the things that you never dared to say.Say you're glad you told me that he isn't going to stay.We've sent letters out there but you don't care.You know you'll manage alone.We've sent letters to you.They never get through 'Cause you'll get by on your own.If you are to change your mind.Don't think I'll forget where I have been I'll stay 'till this torment's over and I know not where I'm going Make It Easy On Me Please.I have no choice but to let it go 'though I know you'll still be here.But I'll never know you the way he does.Let me know if I will.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy birthday. you're my granted wishes.

happy birthday to us.wish us all the best.and i hope a step a head to a year isn't that scary.
i didn't say he was my first love whatsoever.but he was the first boy come up from my pray to God.and i bet no one will love and treat us any better.that's why i stayed.that's why he stayed.

see, thats why i love him,that funny face and smmmexxxy, with the butt that i very envy.because he sings along when I start singing some stupid verse from some musical, he rubs tiny circles on the back of my hand with his thumb, he listens to my non stop nagging and most of all he loves every part of who I am (even my too-much-emotional-feeling).
i enjoyed watching him sleeping.

the photos.

this is my last dkv assignment. seratus titik. already finished it and so not ready for the next to do would be great having a whole week without campus thingie. hahaha :) by the way,i'm planning to skip my classes tomorrow and waste my time in bed. geez, sounds heavenly :)


new haircut with sister and her best

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yaaay.i'm still stuck with my dkv tasks :( i think my relationship with coloring is getting bad and bad. my bianglala was a huge ass-hole. smelly-black-ass-hole.:( by the way,i have a new hairlook everybody :D it's short and i'm feeling prettier than before hahahaha. i'll post the photos later <3
Tirto gone to Bekasi this afternoon. for stnk-thingie and stuff reasons.i miss him already.
gosh,i feel extremely sleepy right now zzzz
okay just a short update. i'll write some more after finish them all.

mm,twitting is sooo addicting.i'll find perfect way to stop it for sure.

Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm jumping out of box and suprising your fox

I find myself wrong again today staring out my window wondering what it is I should have done.and now I find myself at home again waiting for nothing.
So maybe i will listen to you complain and then I'll bite my tongue in vain again as I let it all just slowly settle in.why you know how to give but you can't take it? it's all just a waste now you can save feeling is no matter what I do its never good enough, never good enough..:(
what's my damage today i don't know.don't let me get in your way and let it out like you always do the trouble between me and you is nothing new..
Save your breath cause here comes the truth i realize something that i might over the drama of you and i am done.
morning view

i wanna wake up with this new view in life and love..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

anger management

a friend of mine sent me a msg via facebook view minutes ago.he said sorry about what happened to my last relationship. he also said he can't confirm my friendsrequest because of it. emotional reason.
is it only me or it is sounds so silly?
i always have a mad problem solving about forgiving and forgetting. they both really are drive me mellow. but this time i can deal with them.i mean what we had back then are something real. i've been trying so hard to erase them all but they are still real for sure.
he blocked my twitter acc and told all his friends which are my friends too,to hate me as much as he does.oh my god he must be joking me!

i do love my life now. there's no empty space for things like that. i'm not interesting with any of it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


yesterday, we have a very good idea about going to Tangkuban Parahu. and it couldn't be happier!! it must have been a year or so since we were there together. 4 of us. today, Fhyra and his boyfie joint us. it was such a blast. it was hot,sunny was never that shinning before HAHA but the wind is sooooooo lovely :) it made me want to live near there.


i feel so happy,responsible,mature but also childish and silly at the very same time with them.they keep making me do the most random things and its mad :). love


i don't need anyother girls since the best stayed with me

pretty good year

i'd like to celebrate you dear..





Thursday, October 15, 2009


i've been trying to write some story to tell lately.i got lost with the words. Tirto got me flower last Saturday and it's still hanging around my room. really pretty isn't it?been obsessed with flower forever.lately i've been feeling very lazy and careless.i need to break free from my monotonous daily life and do other stuff now.i extremely need a holiday. but nothing more than i want to live in the cozy house by the hill in a rainy week and just cook for him who will not eat anything come from my hands.
i miss hanging out with him late at night, miss locked hands with him, walking around with his hands holding tightly mine.he is really good at talking and set up my mood.
i've been getting ok with my assignment right now,except with the illustration and graphic sketch. but after all im getting used with all the hard core stressing-sleep-less-day. oh my god i can't wait for holiday for sure. i'm soooo bored and i want something completely new.
but for now i think im going back to jared pad. <3