Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 is four days away

i feel like being messy.i dont know what to do and i dont have anyone to hang out not depressed, but yes im bored. i need something to do outside the house. anything, i'd love to go to campus though i hate to think about the assignment. i need to re-arrange my room,but this lazy sad ass wont move.i dont want to do anything but i do dont want sit here all day long.

so here i am bored as i can be. see?im curly-ing my, im not depressed, i just thought maybe it will be fun to have a new look

i downloaded a lot of new songs these days. i fell in love with Treehouse from I'm From Barcelona.It reminds me of being in love with someone and feel the world belongs just for us both.Peter Yorn and Scarlett Johansson were also cool.She has a very sexy voice which i envy a lot. But i recommended She & Him, ( omg omg Zooey Deschanel is a rockstar!i love her so many much ) and New Moon's ost. I dont care what people said about that New Moon's things. I love that movie so much! Even The Killers spoke New Moon's Language guys! its a must-see movie. i'd love to watch it again. maybe some other time or maybe today.

pete yorn and scarlett johansson
look at her hair! she's my fashion-hair icon!


oh, something terrible had happened too. my favorite movie star, Brittany Murphy was dead. me and my sister really sad because we're her huge fans ( my sister is crying when she reads the article about her death). even my boyfriend loves her too. i just watched her movie, Ramen Girl, couple weeks ago. and im so sorry that she has been taken from us really soon.

she is a bite

well,i dont have something special to tell. as you might remember, im in my highest boring level. so i beg your mercy, if my post is the more boring post ever. but i do have something funny. yesterday i played and that was FUN!


i cant stop laughing my ass off. i mean look at him. he is Chinese, fat, ugly, and more look like pig. blame it to tirto's photo. hahaha so because the countdown is four days away,i will keep my head up and pretending that i was so excited to wait until 2010 is coming. so please 2010, be my year !


Saturday, December 19, 2009

rise and shine

finally its December 20! i've been waiting all my life for this day to finally came up.yes by noticed my last post you know i've been thru a very hard time in my love's, for some emotional reasons now had learn to be better.though it will cause me pain in the arse,but hey nothing could beats me. even i have to cut my head to death, i will be okay.time will heal my brokenhearted.

well,enough with sad love stories. im getting a personal treatment. maybe i should go somewhere wasting money or doing stuff. yes i have a couple projects a head. i'll make a travel blog. i feel the need to share my adventurous trip to all my friends. dont be jealous because someday we'll travel together!and i'll do some uploading stuff. its xmas's eve, marry xmas and enjoying the cartoons parade on tv! dont miss it! i wish my bf were here to watch our fav life time cartoon together. haha miss him already :)

well yo, happy holiday everybody :

Thursday, December 17, 2009


true love is like ghost,which everybody talks about and few have seen. i haven't. have you?

i'm so curious why people like you is very easy to play with words to express love. sometimes you loved her, but a second later you love someone else.unless you have two hearts in every side of your chest huh? my heart is always beating for your name. but i didn't hear from yours.i'm very confused right now..the pain is just too real.

maybe its time to learn to let go of everything.though it will be very painful, but i believe everything happens for a reason. this time, it would be a good reason. i was crushed but my world will continue to run.sooner or later, i will find a new heart that i call home. and i will take care of it,like i used to.and i will let the time erase all the things about you.

well who need love when all we have to do is crying in bed like forever? love supposed to be day made. love supposed to be the whole day smiling. love supposed to be happy. love is supposed to be love.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

welcoming ho-ho-ho-holidayyyyy!

it feels so great writing a post without any specific topic :)
well,it's December everyone. Last month on 2k9. i wonder why the time clocked so fast.its kinda sad but hey December is a holiday month!
so for everyone lived in others country,is it snow up there?December is a xmas month i bet it will so snowy right?
im heading my holiday two weeks from now. although i have a perfect combo plan for my holiday,i still dont know what to do for the new year's eve. Bandung will be so crowded.and Jakarta will too :(
for new year's eve.still a question mark.i really wanted to celebrate it with the people i care about. my family,my friends, and my boyfriend of course.but it seems Bandung and Jakarta isn't the place to celebrate it because it will be so crowded and jammed. my mom offered to celebrate it in Jogja , but i prefer watching dvds at was sounds really party too. as long as i have someone that i will hug and kiss after the countdown. its really okay.
oh geez,i couldn't help for college.the holiday's scent is spread all over the campus.create a mood for missing the rainy weather. it was very lazy to do the tasks that pile up when the holiday is in our eyes.really, i'd like to sleep 2 weeks and when i get up, woohooo its a holiday time!haha.

so how about yours holiday? i hope this time, your holidays will be so enjoyable. it should be right? c'mon its holidays! merry xmas too to you who celebrate it.hows your xmas's tree?sure you're busy right now decorate it. if only i can help,would be very fun huh?


ps: im very close to changing my phone number.

Friday, December 4, 2009

lesson to learn

people should be respected and trusted as people, not because of their position or title. Frequently, position or title did not reflect the true merits of a person.

i agreed a lot.after all the things had happened to me,i just realize that respecting people's life is just as important as respecting our own we know,respect has great importance in everyday children we are taught (one hopes) to respect our parents, teachers, and elders, school rules and traffic laws, family and cultural traditions, other people's feelings and rights, our country's flag and leaders, the truth and people's differing opinions. and we come to value respect for such things, when we're older, we learn how to respect the differences and also respect the common.we learn how to respect more people's feelings, more people's personal life,more about life and facts,and more about our you know, my last post told you about something ruined friendship.the reason for the trouble was lack of respect. what my experience had taught me is that for a friendship to flourish, the people involved should respect each other.for example,i wont bother my friend's private life and i expected the same way from her/him. respect me like i respected her/him. the trouble started when the respect was not reciprocated.saying that 'im your bestfriend i should know everything about you' or 'this is the way i care about you,we're bestfriend right?' are really a bad ideas.

and i really felt sorry for what happened.having someone you can called as bestfriend sure a great for me, the main ingredients of friendship or any kind of relation is mutual respect. without that, things wont work as we wished. now, i set my self free from desire to do the same thing as she/he does. i put an end and hurry save my self from further harm,set my pride aside and try my best to see the situation from the other person's perspective.if i can keep this in mind,i will be well on my way to practicing forgiveness instead of trying to balance the scales. how cool is that?

well,have a wonderful friendship everyone.i promised my self not to talk about it again.i have a very perfect life,superduper cool mom,funny friends,lovely boyfriend,and more than enough money.i am free to do what ever i want to do and say,free to go wherever i want to go.i couldn't ask for more,so dont worry i wont look into yours.i swear by God.

ps: im about to deleting my older lets just pretend that 'who ever it is' never exist. no body wants to live in the past,will you?
sorry for the bad english and no hard feeling for everyone.

happy weekend and happy welcoming holiday.