Saturday, January 29, 2011


whatever will happen to us, i know everything will be just fine as long as you're here with me. and you are here, and will always be here

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i love you more than all the treasures of the sea

today is our birthday. we dont need to mention how long we were together because people who are in love never do counting and as long as i know, our love is cant be counted :) i've run out of words to describe how much i loved him and how lucky i am to be loved by him. all i know is if every one gets a miracle each of their life, then he is mine. hahahaha i would feel really really embarrassed if Tir reading this post because this is would sound super silly \m/ Tir wasnt here right now, he was out of town for work, so i decided to make a little something for him :


for some great designers or computer junkies, this is must be super easy. but for me, i hurt my back to get it done. its a picture of me and Tir. i hope he will love it, because i made it with the spirit of love. hahaha

but well, happy bday again. i love you and cepet pulang dong hehe aku kangen :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

my first video blog eva!



i'm watching the bachelorette season finale now. Ali finally chose Roberto to be her guy. i'm a little upset because i think that Ali would choose Chris, but its okay because Rob and Al look really cute together. but Rob&Al's love story isnt what i would write right now. i was just, hmm inspired. i've seen a lot of love of their love story and it made me miss mine! Tir always works on weekend and im not making an issue about that. but i do really, really really miss him now. i never seem to miss him like this before! haha. so i guess if he, by any chance, read my post, i want him to know this: aku kangeeeennnnn cepet pulaaaaangggg :D

ps: i wanted to tweet this at first, but i felt ashamed of my self. i think i fit no more to tweet things like this. i'm old haha

Thursday, January 20, 2011

hiiiiii :)

im sorry for being such a bad-ass blogger :( i've promised you to write the details about my Bali trip and im so so so very sorry that i havent had time to write it. so busy for these last two weeks. im about to explode!!!!! deadlines killing me. but final exams just around the corner and after that i have my all time for writing to you. BUT, if you need any information, any thing about trip to Bali in a shoestring style, please feel free to contact me. i will tell you everything you need to know about low budget holiday to the mystical island.

how are you anyway? i have a very good news! Nookmag, an online magazine from Singapore wants me to contribute!!!!!!! OMG this is so cool!!!!! im about to write my first article tomorrow. so happy :) and i hope i can contribute to local magazine soon!!!! Tir's work is getting bigger and bigger now. i hope this year could be our lucky career year. finger crossed :)

i hope you guys doing as great as i am. good luck for the final exams my Uni mates :)

ps: i post me and tir's happy faces photo. love him so much :")



Saturday, January 15, 2011

hello and goodbye

this week, a friend died. he is a friend, husband, and a father, died in a very young age. my highly condolences over his death. may God give him the perfect place on His side and give strength to all that was left. Amen.

did you ever think that death is always around us?

i had a dream last night, someone lost his teeth and i dont even know who he is. rumors said, if you dream of losing teeth, it is a sign there will be a sad news coming. i still have goosebumps every time i try to remember my dream last night. it is very terrifying to me. the lose of our love ones is my biggest afraid in the world. although it has become destiny, all of living creatures will surely return to Him. but still i was very scared.

May God give His protection to all the people i care about and give them health and long life. Amen.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

my magazine

from all the design lessons that i have received for almost 2 and a half years, layouting is definitely my thing. last semester, i've made my first magazine, iTravel, and now, im making my second one, its called hello indonesia. i love doing this hehe i finally found my dream job: working at the magazine \o/

my first mag

my second mag

im planning to have my kerja praktek next semester at National Geographic Indonesia, but i cant be sure, im hoping NatGeo will approve me. Finger crossed hihi wish me a very good luck.

ps: the pictures for my second mag are courtesy of gema semesta's tumblr and GD official website.

Friday, January 7, 2011


happy new year everyone, eight days late but im still wishing each of every one a happy and great year ahead :) here's some photos and video i took from my new year celebration at Bali. will write more asap. im having my hard time now :( a lot of things to work on. good day :)