Friday, February 18, 2011

my neighborhood

its still 5:44 am in the morning. too early to write a post. but this is so very important.

i cant stand it any longer. my neighborhood, its location is very strategic, near to the town center, sport hall, library, 24 hours mini mart and restaurant. i like it a lot, but too bad my neighborhood full of annoying people. like now, at this very hour, a guy who lived upstairs, who was my Uni buddy, have turned his dugem song all night long on a very maximum volume! i could feel the bass like now when i write this post. deep inside my heart i want to tell him to shut the fuck of but because he is my senior, i dont have any guts to say it straight to his face. its killing me! cant you imagine sleeping with the bass pounding in your room? not to mention a few other people who like to yell and buang sampah sembarangan! have you guys lost your fucking mind? norak. living in social environment have its rules!!!!

not because you have money, you can do whatever you want to do.